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Monday, June 11, 2012

O.A.R.S. Rogue River Trip

We have just returned from our trip on the Rogue River with O.A.R.S. gourmet wine tasting adventure. It was incredible food, beautiful scenery and fun rapids. It rained on and off the first two days, but cleared up the last two days. It was very fun, with a great group of people.

I had thought that we would be the oldest people there, but it turned out we were nearly the youngest. Most of the people were in their late 50s and early 60s. So, I felt very young! That was a fun change of pace.

I learned that if you want hot and sunny days on the Rogue River, you should travel in July or August. So, next time we come it will be later in the season and we will bring our daughters. The age limit is 8 years old for this river and tour group.

For traveling as a couple though, I can't say enough about the gourmet trip. It far exceeded my expectations in the food and presentation. We had a 4 course dinner every night on white linen table cloths it linen napkins. The wine was perfectly paired with the food to enhance an already perfect meal.

My favorite meal was the first night. It started with the first appetizer of cheese and crackers and three home made sausages. A second appetizer of crab cakes was served (wow) and a green salad that was so fresh in flavor, and a succulent chicken with Murrel Mushrooms over rich polenta (grits) with a superb dessert.  We were so busy devouring that delicious food, we forgot to get a picture of it!  So, the next night we were sure to get a picture of dinner: filet of oscar.  Wow!

For me, dessert was a dream come true. Grown up some'mores. A thick handmade gram cracker crust with a rich chocolate ganache topped with a home-made marshmallow that was toasted with a falme-torch and drizzled with a lite chocolate sauce. Our chief was a genius! He made all of his own sauces, sausage, vinegrettes, and paired it with fresh foods from local farms for the utmost in culinary delights. Truly a wizard to pull off these grand 4 course meals.

Our fearless leader Kate: Queen of the Rogue River

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