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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

WIP: Coffee Cozy and Coaster

This week's 25 Coasters and tags
I've been working on making several coffee cozies and coasters lately.  I have had an order from a coffee shop in town (River City Cafe--RCC) for some.  I got 12 of each made last week.  This week I made 25 more coasters and 4 new coffee cozies.  For now, that's all I need to make for RCC.

I have taken all of my inventory from my Etsy shop to a local B&M co-op shop, Cabin 13, at Pioneer Park (Alaska Land to us Sourdoughs).  The cabin contains all handmade items made here in Fairbanks by local artists. The artists staff the shop on a volunteer basis.  Kinda like a Farmer's Market...you don't get paid for your time directly, only when something sells.

Back to WIP---Now I'm making some coffee cozies for Cabin 13.   That may sound like a conflict of interest, but... I'm using different patterns.  And we all know that color and pattern is everything, right?!

So, last week, I made them all in coffee fabrics.  They are so cute!  I like to use the heat resistant batting that is used in potholders for the coffee cozy.  Not everyone does, but sometime you get a really hot cup of coffee and need something stronger than just cotton.  So, this makes me feel like it is actually functional, not just pretty.

Alaskan Coffee Cozies

The Cabin 13 shop is a tourist attraction.  Thus, I'm using all "Alaskan" fabrics to lure them in.  I have moose, sled dogs, northern lights, Forget-Me-Not, Iris, and Loons.  I'm hoping these sell well.  But, who knows?

I've also made a few knitting needle cases with Alaska embroidered on the outside.  I think it looks classy and will be a good seller.  I hope.  :)  Regardless of the embroidery, I think they are fabulous fabrics!

So, I've been busy moving to the next stage of my little sewing industry: selling my items in a B & M store.  I sell from 12-8 pm every Wednesday all summer.  My 1st week was last week.  I go in tomorrow.  I'm hoping something of mine has sold!  I sure love sewing!  It would be great to someday make a profit.  I'm told that takes awhile though....  So, I wait and try new things.

All in all, things are good.  I'm enjoying summer and working on new projects.  I hope all is well with you.  Carpe Diem!

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