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Friday, August 10, 2012

FAF: Doug of SDI Woodworking

I have had the privilege of trading and buying kid's spinning tops from Doug, the owner and creator of SDI Woodworking on Etsy.  He does a magnificent job with the wood!  I loved his work so much, I just had to share with you all.

I have a neighbor that has a 4 year old boy.  He seems to have a ton of toys already, so it was difficult to know what to get him for his upcoming birthday present.  I leisurely scanned through the wood section of Etsy looking for gifts.  When I saw the picture above my search was arrested;  I marveled at the beautiful range of wood.  It is so perfect with the natural glow of the wood grain shining through!

We arranged a trade for an equally priced handbag from my Sew in the Snow shop on Etsy.  I eagerly awaited the gift in the mail.  It was so smooth and perfectly balanced!  It also came with two little tops as well.  I love these tops.  My kids were with me when I opened it, so we had to test them out.  We spent over an hour playing with all three tops.  It was so much fun.  Even my 3 year old could spin the little one!  We got a big one (about 5") that has a pull-string on it.  It is difficult to manage for the kids, but I think they'll learn how to balance it soon.

We decided that we had to keep the tops we ordered.... so I ordered another set for the birthday party.  That arrived today!  How exciting!  I thought I was getting 3 little tops, but he gave us 5!  What a delightful surprise!

Doug is a very talented craftsman. I highly recommend his shop to anyone looking for well-made wood products.  You won't be sorry...  I sure wasn't!

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