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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WIP: Scrappy Quilt Kits

Today I've decided to spend a few hours cutting fabric to make my own stash scrappy-quilts-kits.  I hope to have 5 quilts worth of fabric cut by the end of work today. That does sound ambitious, doesn't it?  Hmmmm.... 

I do have some strips cut to start one out. It's going to be a blue and white celestial theme quilt.  The others I haven't really decided on yet.  I have two fabulous quilt books that use jelly rolls, so that's easy to cut.  I also have some fun quilt quilt patterns that I've been thinking of making lately.  Here's an example of some of them.

Since I haven't actually sewn anything, I'll show you pictures of quilts that I have made in the past and I'm going to cut fabric to make similar quilts this winter.  With the cutting done, I should be able to get out a kit and make a quilt pretty quickly.  Cutting can be tedious, but it can also be fun as I imagine how all the fabric will work together.  I love color!  It's my favorite thing about quilting... matching the colors up for a stunning quilt.  :)

 I am going to share my quilting stash with you.  WARNING: don't panic.  It is kinda messy.  I've tried having it neatly organized into color ranges and such, but that doesn't fit my style.  I love to root through a pile of fabric like a dog joyfully digging a hole.  So, now I keep each color  or theme fabrics (like Celestial fabrics or outdoor fabric) in it's own bin so that I can freely paw through it.  It feels like Christmas to me... searching for just the right fabric can be messy and fun!
theme bins: sailing, fall, fruits, fall, flowers, blues, finished blocks, coffee, etc

Precut strips: 1.5" in bag, 2.5" out of bag
color bins: red/orange, black/brown, blues, yellows/whites

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  1. I love your messy scraps! It takes way too much time to keep everything organized - you should enjoy the search process, just like you said. :)


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