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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Celebrate March Birthday Giveaway

My Birthday is in March!  

My Birthday is March 30

I love birthdays.  Growing up in a family of 6 people, with four kids, we shared everything with each other.  But, on your birthday, it was all about YOU.  No need to share anything on your birthday.  We got to choose what we wanted to eat for breakfast (pancakes with strawberries) and then for dinner too (spaghetti and meatballs with french bread).  My Mom always baked a wonderful homemade cake to eat after the presents were open.  This was a special day.  A great day.

As I've gotten older I still like my birthday.  As 40 approaches  (not here yet!) I still like my birthday.  My husband and I celebrate it with each-other, and occasionally friends.  We have added on to my original family tradition to include an entire week of special dinners topped with the birthday cake on your birthday.  My husband can make a mean cake!  He has even made a 7-layer angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream.  A Very grand cake it was.

So, as I've gotten older, my birthday has continued to be a celebration of life lived and adventures yet to come.  It is still very fun to celebrate my birthday!  The presents are not the focus, but rather time spent with family around a table with glorious food.  (Yes, I'm a Foodie.)

I want to celebrate with all the other March Birthday "babies".  So, to celebrate March Birthdays-- I want to do a Birthday Giveaway from my Etsy Store on my Birthday March 30.  Anyone with a March Birthday may enter to win.  The prize may be chosen from my Etsy shop, Sew in the Snow

So, time to lay some ground rules.  How do you enter?   I'll need you to visit my shop.  You get to choose anything worth up to $30.   (If you like something worth more, I can arrange to have $30 taken off of it.)  Only one thing may be chosen; you may not choose more than one thing that adds up to $30.   I want you to heart or favorite the chosen item.  Then leave a message or "convo" me with your birthday--no year needed-- to enter this contest or to comment here with the favorite item and your birth day.

Example Etsy convo or blog comment: I like the rooster apron.  My birthday is: March 10th.  

So, here's a quick peek at what is available for $30: hand towels, aprons, kid's totes, knitted baby hats and booties,  knitting needle cases, crayon rolls, quilted wall hangings, and embroidery blocks for sewing into your project.

An apron for the quilter or sewer
Rooster apron

Grandma's apron
Spicy kitchen towels

Friendship embroidered block

Earth-tone wall hanging or table topper quilt
3-6 month old Hat

Newborn baby hat and booties

Knitting needle cases

Knitting needle cases

Knitting needle cases

Ariel Tote

Girl crayon rolls

Boy or "neutral" crayon rolls


  1. Hi...first time visiting your blog! Very nice! And I love give-aways...
    I like the rooster apron. My birthday is: March 11th.
    See you soon,
    Marianne Guffey

  2. Oh, how delightful Marianne! Thanks for visiting!


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