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Friday, March 23, 2012

FAF: Quilt Art by Rhonda

Quilt Art by Rhonda features some really unique and inventive art quilts.  I was looking for something different for today's featured artist.  I wanted to do a review of an Etsy shop to change things up instead of an interview.  So, this morning I looked up teal quilts on Esty.  As I scrolled through the quilts, I saw many fresh spring teal quilts.

And then I saw a lovely and very inventive art quilt titled, Art Quilt Spring Teal by Rhonda.  It really captured my attention!  It is a combination of the rail blocks and an around-the-world block.  I love them both individually but combined these blocks really sing!  As I've seen in a few things recently, she made this quilt off-center.  It gives it a very modern feeling.  The various shades of teal and blues work well together.  It reminds me of a river flowing placidly along with an eddy swirling on the edge.   It is a beautiful and gloriously inventive quilt.

When I visited Rhonda's shop the Wild Mountain Rose quilt caught my eye as well.  It is also off-center in a pleasing manner.  The center features a bold yellow star, much like the center of a lovely wild rose.  The dark rose and raspberry colored triangles surrounding the star that mimic rose petals in the sunlight.  I really like how it slowly fades from a pale pinkish-tan on the top to a dusky grey on the bottom.  It reminds me of the sunlight slowly fading on a warm summer evening. What a lovely piece of art work! 

I really appreciate the fine details that go into her work.  All of her colors match perfectly!  Her use of lights and darks truly enhance her artwork by showing her artist's ability to create shadow and depth through her use of colors.  I also enjoy the range of colors she uses while she thinks "outside the box" of conventional quilting.

I find her quilts to be inspired by nature, which I love, and to have an alluring quality.  Her work is superb and demonstrates her creative nature.  I'm sure that these art quilts would enhance the decor of any home!  Take a few moments to browse through her shop, Quilt Art by Rhonda.  You won't regret the time you spend there...  I sure enjoyed myself.

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