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Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patricks Day Party

I went to a St. Patrick's Day Party tonight.  It was called, Lucky Ladies, in celebration of it being on St. Patrick's Day and it being a women's only party.  For something totally unexpected, we had a fondue party and no beer.  I have never seen so many fondue pots.  I thought 3 would be a lot, but we had 9 fondue pots!  It was so delicious

We had beef--marinated and plain, chicken, halibut, and shrimp, with either oil or beef broth to cook in.  Then we also had cheese balls--both mozzarella and jalapeno cheese to fry.  Plus a bread with warm beer-cheese dip.  There was a veggie platter and 5 homemade dips ranging from BBQ sauce to green goddess for the veggies.  And an entire table for the desserts!

Ooooohhhh... dessert, my favorite!  There were two huge platters with fruit: blackberries, strawberries, kiwis, bananas, and honey dew melon.  There were cookies, pretzels, angel food cake and Biscotti to dip in either a warm chocolate sauce or a marshmallow cream and caramel sauce.  Green mint and chocolate truffles were super cute.  And the most popular was the Irish Cream Coffee Cake.  Wow!  Superb! 

Once everyone was satiated we played a game of "Things I would say..."  The two most amusing cards were, "Things I would do in a Black-Out situation" and "What shouldn't be put on table."  The black-out had 4 people sleeping, one person getting naked, and one person sleeping under a desk at work.  Out of 11 women, 6 people replied "butts" to things not to put on a table. However, each answer was unique: naked butts, little butts, your butt, your *ss, butts, and big butts.   Having toddlers, I thought of little butts not being on the table.  Most adults wouldn't try it (I think!)  I suppose that butts were on our minds!  It was the end of the night...

What a great celebration!  I ate wonderful food and drank some wine with good friends to celebrate St. Patrick's day.  It was the best St. Patrick's Day I've had in years!  Thanks Lunch Ladies!  Sometimes, nontraditional things can be super fun.

What did you do for St. Patrick's Day?  Anything unusual?  Anything traditional?

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