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Friday, April 20, 2012

FAF: Touch of Earth

My favorite quilt is a Lone Star or Radiant Star quilt.  I've made two quilts with this pattern.  It takes a lot of work to match the seams.  Everything is bias cut, so it tends to stretch.  You have to pin each seam or the star points don't match.  I love the star, but I don't truly enjoy making it. 

My second Lone Star Quilt
 So, one day I was browsing on Etsy for Lone Star quilts and I came across Touch of Earth shop.  It has several lovely unfinished Lone Star quilt tops for sale.  The most amazing thing is that they only charge $29.99 for a quilt top!  I know that the fabrics probably cost that, and I'd pay a lot more just to have it pieced!  All that pinning done by someone else... it was so tempting that I bought a quilt top! 
This is the one I bought!

Coordinating fabric to finish it

When I got it, it was lovely.  I was (and still am) so impressed with her workmanship.  All of the points line up correctly.  The center is totally flat.  The colors match well and compliment each other well.  It is square.  Wow! 
I'm so excited to share the glorious treasure of her quilt tops with you!!!  I plan on buying more and finishing them for gifts.  I bought a book several years ago which has fancy methods to finish the Lone Star quilts.  It's titled, Lone Star Quilts and Beyond, by Jan Krentz.  The quilts in there are sooooo beautiful.  I have wanted to make some like this, but I dreaded doing the star center.  Now I will be able to finish it in a stunning method.  I have bought the fabric to finish this first one, but I plan on keeping it and putting it in on my bed. 

Ok, enough about me.  Let's look at some more of her lovely quilt tops.  I can't say enough great things about her quilts.  Lovely.  
Pink Strawberry Top

Time Goes Fast Christmas Top
Fresh Spring Top
Classic Deep Blue Star Top


  1. These are really impressive. I never thought of just buying a quilt top.

    1. I hadn't thought of it either until I saw these. The price is unbeatable. And the workmanship is fantastic.


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