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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday: tulip wall hanging

This week I'm working on a tulip wall hanging. It's got some appliques. I am learning applique this winter. I'm slowly getting better at it, and finally beginning to enjoy it. It feels so slow to me compared with strip piecing/quilting. But sometimes I think it looks better than simple piecing.

 The tulip blocks were rescued from a friend that didn't like the colors. She had decided to throw then away! An outrageous waste of perfectly good blocks. Honestly, I'm not crazy about the top pattern either (I think it's too large for these flowers), but they are still worth using.  On a whole, I think it's a cute wall hanging.  I love the butterflies flitting in amongst the flowers.  It jubilantly shouts, "spring has come!"  Finally....

Do you ever throw out entire blocks? I don't. I do have a bin with blocks that didn't fit into my project... Then I make them into something else later. I have several unused blocks right now. Do you?

Some of these were left-over after finishing a quilt.
Some I rejected due to color combinations.  
But all of them are useful for some project!

From my scrap-block bin... wrinkled now, but still ready for use--4 different projects

left-over blocks from 3 different projects
the Greek-key is a trial block which  I decided to make smaller; cupcake is left over; butterflies a rescue

WIP: Check out what others from Etsy Team Quiltsy are working on. 

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