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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WIP: Knitting Needle Case

New Spring Knitting Needle Cases Finished this week
This week I decided to replenish my store of knitting needle cases for my Etsy shop.  I have sold about half of what I originally made and I want to make some that have a fresh spring feel about them.  So, on Monday, I got out my new fabrics that I bought last week. 

Ohhhh!  How fun to play with the new fabrics!  Having about 10 brand new third-yards cuts of glorious batiks and rich spring greens to play with I felt truly rich in fabric.  I auditioned each group of colors to see what would best compliment each other in a knitting clutch/case which typically has 2 colors in it.  Then, I cut out enough to make one or two knitting clutches from the fabric. 

So, how is a knitting needle case made?  All measurements here are accurate so that you can make one if you want.  Each knitting needle case has 3 pockets: 4.5", 6.5", and 8.5".  The front or outside piece and inside liner are both 11" x 14".  I like to have coordinating fabric, but not necessarily the exact same fabric on the inside.  I think it's the quilter in me that loves to combine colors rather than make something out of all the same fabric.  I can't resist adding at least one other color to most everything that I make! 

3 layers of pockets with grey seams
Then, I iron the top of the pocket under 2x to keep it from unraveling later.  At this point, I always wish I had a serger!  Then no ironing here!  Oh well...  After stitching across the top, I sew the bottom of the pocket layers together with the right side facing out-- towards you.   Finally, I sew up 4 seams in the pockets: 2", and 3 seams at 1.5"intervals.  This creates 5 pockets: 4 1.5" pockets and one large 4" pocket for circular needles.  This creates a total of 15 pockets to store needles in. It is wide enough to store a set of 5 double pointed needles or 4 straight needles in each pocket.  The pockets hold up to 9" needles with the flap down.  If the flap is up, it will hold 14" needles.

Next, I begin on the outside piece.  I iron on the heavy weight fusible interfacing to the outside (or front) piece.  This gives it the strength it needs to support all the needles.

Front or outside piece
I sew on the 2.5" strip of coordinating fabric to the outside of the case with a satin stitch 3" up from the bottom.  This is where you will tie the ribbon to secure it closed.   Then I stitch the outside and inside together with the right sides facing each-other... presto!  A new clutch is nearly done!  After flipping it right-side out I finish with hand-stitching the seam with an "invisible" stitch.

 I just learned this stitch this year.  I have a girlfriend who can truly make it invisible. I have searched a pillow she made me to find the seam that she hand-stitched, and I can't find it!  Amazing.  Someday, I'll be that good.... ah, Perfection is so elusive.

Back on topic... I love making the knitting needle cases.  It's a fun project that is very rewarding to look at.  I have completed 4 new ones this week, and I have about 8 more cut out and ready to start.  Busy busy...  So, here's a look at what I've done and still need to do this week.  

Daisy fabric

Teal green and blue Asian floral
I especially love these three batiks! 

the dragonflies are my favorite here

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