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This blog is about my passions in life: family, quilting, and new adventures. Quilting is my main passion! I also love my family tirelessly and devote most of my energy to my young preschool girls and my husband. This blog will be about my creative process in quilting and some about being a Mom in this busy world. Being of Irish descent, I love a good story. So buckle in, here we go!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mothers and Daughters

Jessica and I petting Rebel

Mothers and Daughters have a special bond.  As a Mother I have the chance to share my passion and my love of life with my daughters.  I have taught my daughters how to gently pet a cat and demonstrated my love of animals with them since they were tiny.  Jessica is cat crazy and Claire loves horses.  They have inherited my love of animals.  I am so glad that I've had the opportunity to share this gift -- that will keep giving their entire lives -- of animal affection.  It is one of the best things that we now have in common.

Another thing that I have emphasized is my love of the outdoors.  We go outside every day regardless of the weather.  I realized that I had succeeded beyond my expectations last summer when it started to rain buckets.  Jessica jumped up and shouted, "Let's get our rain coats and go play in the puddles!"  I was thinking, "Ah, now I have an excuse to read a book."  LOL.  Kids!  Of course, I couldn't disappoint them, so we got on rain coats, rain pants and boots and out we went.  It was fun!  There is so much laughter with young children.  It is the freedom of spirit that impresses me most!

 My Mother has never lost her love of adventure or her free spirit.  In her middle age she is still exuberantly learning new ways to enjoy the outdoors.  I have enjoyed recreational kayaking for several years.  My Mom asked me to teach her how to kayak and without much trepidation, I began to tell her how.   In this picture I am explaining that her paddle was upside down (top picture) and that's why it was hard to move.  She just laughed, righted the paddle and went right back out. 

 She had so much fun!  I am blessed to have an adventurous Mother that taught me Age is more of a mental handicap than a physical one.  She is a great Mom.

In honor of Mothers and Daughters, I'm having a sale on my Etsy site for one week.  It is a buy one get one half-off sale.  This means you can get something for yourself and your Mother or your daughter to celebrate life!  Use coupon code Mother on each item to get your sale.  The sale includes everything except quilts in my store.  So, that means you could get your Mother a knitting needle clutch, an embroidered apron or towel,  or a schlep bag.  You can get your young daughter a crayon roll, a tote, or baby knits (hat, mittens, or booties).   Just click on the links here to see the full variety in my shop.   Here's some examples of these sale items!

I hope you have the chance to reflect on your status as a Mother, Daughter, or both today.  It is a privileged to share my thoughts with you.  Thanks for reading!  If you'd like to share some thoughts, I always enjoy reading them!

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