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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Preparing for Kindergarten

I can hardly believe it...but 5 years have flown by and my little girl is going to school in the fall.  I think she'll love it!  She needs the stimulation from socializing and learning new things.  She's like a sponge, soaking up any information I give her.

A little scary  really.  Some things are not meant to be remembered... such as private rants between me and my husband in which I passionately exclaim that a friend is nuts for giving her toddlers Coke.  Days later, when I have completely forgotten my ill-advised comment, my daughter will say something like, "Your friend (insert name here) is nuts. That's why she gives him Coke."  Always in front of the friend!  Yikes!  It's a little hard to explain that one.  He he...

Oh, yeah, back on topic: school.  So, I think she needs important things to learn to occupy some of her precious memory banks.  :)  Something that will be helpful like learning to read, to add, or how to flirt with boys.  No, wait... she already knows how to flirt!  Ack!  When did she learn that?

Today at the Farmer's Market she met a cute little boy and ran around chasing him.  Then she coyly stopped chasing him, tossed her golden curls at him and smiled sweetly.  Next she made a very life-like dinosaur hissing sound and acted fierce.  He loved it!!!  The chase was on, he was after her like a shot.  Mission Accomplished.  Girl chases Boy.  Boy chases Girl.  Ah... the cycle of life continues.

In the afternoon, we went in to get her 4 shots to prepare her for Kindergarten.  It was better than expected.  She sat quietly through the shots.  I thought we'd made it.  But after the shots were done she buried her head in my neck and cried silent tears of pain.  It was so sad.  It reminded me of her first set of shots when she was soooo tiny.  And now she big enough to go to school.

I know that she is ready for school.  But, I ask myself, am I?  I'll certainly miss her and it will be hard to let her go this fall.  So, I'm trying to constantly remind myself that this is for her own good.  Life is a series of letting go... my time to let her go is about to begin.

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