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Monday, February 27, 2012

9 Patch Table Runner -- Tutorial

 I want to make a quick table runner with 9 patches.  I have a few 9 patches left over from a different project.  So, I Googled "9 patch table runner".  I found two unique methods to make a 9 patch table runner  in which you cut a 9 patch in half then rearrange the pieces.  It's called the Disappearing 9 Patch table runner.

9 Patch in half

 You start with a 9 patch, then cut it in half.  Then, cut it in half again, so that you have 4 equal pieces.

Then align them so that the small squares are in the center and sew it together.  Presto!  You have a table runner. 

I added a border, because my origianl block was only 6.5" (6"finished) so it was too narrow for my taste.

Check out these blogs where I found the pattern.

Peony Teacup blog: She reverses the quarter pieces so that the small squares are on the outside.  A totally different look with the same basic block.

Spool blog: I used her technique, with the small squares forming a kind of latter on the inside. 

She used a larger block, with 4" squares, so there was no need for a border.  I was using "left-over" blocks that were made from 2.5" blocks.  So, it was too small to leave without a border. 
new block--sorry, it's sideways.  

finished runner

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