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Friday, February 10, 2012

Quilting Partners: Contrasting Styles

Salsa Quilt--Monica's 1st Quilt

This is my good friend Monica.  We were sewing buddies for several years while she lived in Alaska.  The most dynamic thing about our friendship and our quilting is that we almost never agreed on anything.  We never suffered from "group-think" which can be very damning to one's creativity.

Contrasting Styles

I found that by agreeing to disagree, we often came to understand a very different viewpoint from our own.  I think that this made us both grow into better people.  And we sure laughed at lot while we grew!  You like that color?!

She loves bright and bold quilts.  I love a variety of quilts and colors, but all are more "tame" than hers.  She loves to try out new quilt patterns all the time and to make up new quilts from various blocks.  I prefer to make a few favorite patterns, to really get good at them, and make something really challenging once a year or so.  
Monica's Baby Quilt

She is bold and fearless in the quilting world.  She has encouraged me to try new things, and brighter things, more often.  I have definitely benefited from knowing her.

Whom do you quilt with?  Are your styles compatible?  Does your friend stretch your thinking in new ways?  What do you like best about quilting with a friend?  Are you a lone-wolf quilter?  Why?

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