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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Challenging Quilt: Twisted Bargello

 It's time for a quilting adventure!  I went out tonight and bought 20 1/4 yards of fabric to make a lap-size twisted bargello quilt.  What a hoot!  I didn't even have to spend a penny of my own money, because I had gift certificates from Christmas.   Cheer's to my favorite In-Laws for an exceptional gift. Thank you Fred and Suzy, you made my day!
 Since it's still winter I was enticed to buy especially bright fabrics in luscious yellow, burnt oranges, and deep burgundy-browns.  It'll go well with the pattern I've picked called Island Sunset Bargello by Eileen Wright.

Although I love the bargello look, I have only made one bargello quilt so far. That's the green and tan one seen below.  The reason is, that it became named The Angry Quilt while I was making it.  I was quilting with a few different friends, and so I ended up sewing some of the stripe-sets on 3 different machines.  I discovered that a 1/4" foot is not exactly a 1/4" on all machines.  they were all a little bit different.  So, when I went to put them together, they didn't line up.  So, in my insanity, I unsewed nearly every seam and then resewed them to match.  This ended up making the quilt about 6" longer on one side and I was very angry as I ripped out everything. I turned a queen-size quilt into a small lap-quilt so I didn't have to fight with it anymore. Grrr....  Thus, I have put-off making another bargello.  But, I am older and wiser now. 

I plan on using only one machine with it's 1/4" foot.  That should help a lot!  Plus, taking my time and not rushing to finish it.  It should be a beauty!  Wish me luck!

Have you ever sewn an "angry quilt"?  If so, what pattern was it?  Why did it make you mad?  I'd love to hear from you!  Let's start a conversation!  Leave a comment!

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