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This blog is about my passions in life: family, quilting, and new adventures. Quilting is my main passion! I also love my family tirelessly and devote most of my energy to my young preschool girls and my husband. This blog will be about my creative process in quilting and some about being a Mom in this busy world. Being of Irish descent, I love a good story. So buckle in, here we go!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Free Valentine's Day Art Quilt: Winner Announced

The Valentine's Giveaway was won by Cindy B.   Hurray!  I sure love to win things.  Although it's seldom I do win a contest, I do have one keen memory of winning.  I was at our local sports store, Beaver Sports, when I saw they had a contest to win new cross-country skis.  So, I entered but joked with my friend that I "never win anything".  We both laughed and she refused to enter, saying it was pointless.  About a month later, I had a message on my phone that said I won!   I couldn't believe it.  I was ecstatic.  Ever since then, I've been sure that I'm going to win most everything I enter.  Keep hope alive at all costs!

So, how was it decided?

Since there was two entries, I decided to flip a coin to see who won.  Entry #1 was heads, #2 was tails.  When I flipped it, tails came up.  My girls asked what I was doing, and I said that I was giving a quilt away.  They both looked at me like I was crazy, since I was sitting on the couch playing with coins, without a quilt in my lap.  They sure are fun.  I hope you enjoy your wall hanging quilt.

Happy Valentine's Day

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