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Monday, February 20, 2012

Quilting Gifts: Baby Shower and Wedding

Quilting Gifts
I love to make gifts for presents.  I think that it shows how much you care to create something specifically for an individualA gift that is designed with the recipient in mind demonstrates how well you know the person and that you are willing to spend time on him/her when time is the most precious commodity in our society.  Of course, there isn't always time for a full-size quilt.  But, there are so many options for a quilter and knitter (such as myself) that I have plenty of things to choose from.

So, this week I have a baby shower to attend and a wedding that has surprised me by it's date.  I was planning on making a baby quilt and a lap quilt for gifts.  Now I'm not sure I have the time.  Ah... time... it rears it's head again!

Baby Shower Gift

    I texted my friend to see what color schemes has in mind for her baby, but she didn't respond.  So, I decided to make something I've been looking at for a couple of years but didn't have anyone to make it for.   It's bright green frogs--very cute--but she prefers blues.  So... now what?

I quickly switched to knitting for the baby shower gift.   I have been knitting gifts for the baby, a cute hat and booties.  I've completed the hat, but the booties are going slowly.  The size 2 knitting needles are soooo slow.  I prefer size 7 or 8 needles for speed; but, hopefully, I'll be able to get them done by Saturday.  :)  I'm sure she'll love them.

Wedding Gift
An embroidered wall hanging with the date and their names?

A friendship wall hanging?

Saturday is also a wedding for a childhood friend.  I wanted to make her a lap quilt, but I don't' think I have the time.  I'd have to finish the top (which I haven't begun) and get it to the quilter by Wednesday.  Then she could quilt it by Friday, then I could bind it by Saturday?  Probably not...  So, I think I may embroider her a wall hanging quilt.  I'm looking at two different patterns... not sure which to do.  Or, maybe both?  Hard to decide.  I've known her for so long, it's like we're sisters.  She is a very good friend, so I want a really special gift.

So many choices for gifts!  I need to get started!

Do you make your gifts?  If so, what is your preferred gift for a baby shower?  for a wedding?


  1. That frog quilt is adorable and would make a perfect baby gift.

    1. Oh, thanks! I love it! I even found matching green minke for the backing.


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