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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Knitting Needle Cases -- Sale 25% off

In my Etsy shop, Sew in the Snow, this month I'm having a 25% off sale on knitting needle cases.  I had a marvelous time sewing these all this fall for a bazaar here in town.  I loved working with the simple two-color scheme and the quick finish of it all (when compared to a quilt).   These clutches are lovely and practical, my favorite combination.

 How did I come about making this pattern?  Good question.  I am new to knitting, so I really needed something to store my needles in.  One night I was at my weekly knitting meeting (Chicks with Sticks--CWS-- is the club name) when I woman pulled out this amazing looking needle organizer.  I was instantly lured in by all the pockets! She had pockets for darning needles, stitch markers, scissors, several sizes of needles.  Wow.  I kept asking her about it, and eventually she gave me the pattern!  I was ecstatic.    So, I made one for myself, and one for my good friend Stephanie who attended CWS with me.

It was close to Christmas, so I planned on surprising her with a case for Christmas.  The bazaar was on Dec 5th, and Stephanie came for moral support.  Then, she saw the cases and bought one!  Yikes!  Now I had no Christmas present for her.  What an irony... she bought something that I had made for her as a gift.  Life is funny.

Several more knitting needle cases sold that day at the bazaar and one sold last week in my shop!  Hurray! So, I wanted to share some of the cases that have been most Favorited on my Etsy shop with you.  They are on sale until the end of February, simply enter the code Knitting for your discount.

This blue batik knitting needle case has been the most popular.  On the inside, it has an orange geometric pattern and 15 pockets.  I love the fresh color combination and I think it really makes the statement, "I am classy and not afraid to try new things". It is a great accessory to bring to knitting club!

*open = 10.5" x 13.5"
*rolled up = 3.5" x 9.5"
*Needles up to 9"

15 Pockets
3 rows of pockets range from 1.25 inches to 3.5 inches wide for a total of 15 pockets
1) 4" deep holds needles 7-9"
2) 6"deep holds needles 8-9", and the final row is
3) 8" deep and holds 9"

***Note: this is not the usual 18 pocket organizer! It has 3 less pockets to allow for a more roomy end pocket to include circular needles, rulers, or other bulky items. A good friend of mine asked me to make her one like this so that she could fit in some larger items, like a needle gauge. She loved it! So, I made a few to sell.

It is fully lined and reinforced with interfacing to give it stability without bulk. There is a 3" upper flap that folds down to make sure your needles don't fall out. There is a triple reinforced ribbon to securely close the clutch that makes it both practical and beautiful. Needles are not included!

Do you knit?   If so, do you have more double pointed needles, straights, or circular needles?  What do you store your needles in?  Someone told me that most knitters have mostly circular needles now and not many straights.  Is this true?  I only have a few circulars but lots of straight needles.  I'd really love to hear from you!  Help me solve this dilemma. 

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