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Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Giveaway

Raspberry Chocolate Fantasy Art Quilt
Forget Love Fall in Chocolate Art Quilt


Do you like Valentine's day?  
Do you hate it?  
Do  you love chocolate?
Do you like nontraditional things for Valentine's day, like purple?
Do you hand-make your Valentine's?

Ready to use embroidered block
What would you do for a free prize on Valentine's Day? 

Are you feeling lucky

To enter this contest, you must go to my Sew in the Snow shop on Etsy and favorite one of the items in this post.  

Then, return and write a comment with two parts: 

1) Answer one of the "Do you" questions in the 1st paragraph

2)  Leave a brief explanation of what you liked best about the item you choose to favorite.
Embroidered block--ready for you to use

Romantic Love Pillow


That will enter you in the drawing for the item of your choice.  (Chosen by the "favorite" you did on Etsy.)

The drawing will be held on Tuesday, Valentine's day.  You will be notified if you win.  I will mail out your prize on Wednesday.
Check back to see who wins the prize!

Happy Valentine's Day


  1. I picked the first item because I like the colours... And. Chocolate is always a good thing as well!

    I like valentine's day. I don't love it or let it rival any other holiday, but it's just fine. I have three all-year Valentines- my husband and our two little boys:) my birthday is just two days earlier, and that definitely trumps Valentine's day!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Excellent choice, that's my favorite one! I love the pink next to the chocolate brown. I'm sure you little ones will like the pictures of the chocolate. My two toddler girls love looking at it and pretending to eat them.

  3. I loved both of the chocolate wall hangings. I *do* love chocolate, which is good, since I work at a chocolate store part time! Valentine's is a fun holiday, but I'm not looking forward to working this year!

  4. I bet it's pretty crazy on Valentines day! I used to work for a place that made chocolate too. It had a 3 story high chocolate wheel. Very cool.


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